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Time Savings

We have analyzed the traditional migration processes and software solutions and redesigned them to improve data quality and save time at every opportunity. We actively seek new solutions to streamline our processes, identify delays in advance, and keep the critical path un-blocked. 

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Predefined Processes

We have predefined processes for every phase of your migration project, significantly reducing time spent on documentation and planning. Each step of our process, from pre-sales to cutover, has a time-saving set of instructions for collecting and capturing information. This approach generates a deliverable document that contains actionable, re-usable data

Highly Configurable Automation Software

One-time custom migration utilities are not sustainable and will cause significant delays to the project. Special cases will require hard-coded business logic recompilation; large datasets will require challenging optimizations, and bugs will require in-process debugging. We require each software component in our migration architecture to be configurable, intuitive, generate actionable user-feedback, and minimize unneeded processing. We have found that highly configurable software provides the flexibility that is critical to keeping a migration project on schedule. We minimize unneeded processing time by designing for error interruptions and resuming from the last failure point. Error messaging, configurable error logging and meaningful progress-bars provide actionable feed-back that significantly reduces time debugging. Although our software is complex it must be intuitive; this significantly reduces configuration time during our testing rehearsals.

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We have incorporated several features that enable us to re-use and refine pre-existing migration lessons parameters. Our Data Migration Program leverages dozens of pre-existing migration recommended best practices, strategies, and workflows. Our Data Transformation Engine can import rules and input attributes from existing migrations. Our migration project data file is completely portable and can be saved for re-use. Our software components re-use all data I/O

Abstracted Functionality

Custom software development can be one of the more significant risks to a project, especially since we support such a wide variety of systems. To minimize this time risk, we have centralized all of our common functionality into our Data Transformation Engine. We have created predefined libraries that encapsulate core functionality used in our platform – this improves stability and re-use. Additionally, our architecture has been designed to work with any migration object, system, API, programming language, database, platform, and operating system.

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Make well informed decisions, quickly

Phase 1 of our Data Migration Program will significantly accelerate your planning process, minimize the internal resource effort and time to generate accurate costs and timelines. In as few as three (3) meetings you will quickly learn your cost, resource requirements, and duration for multiple migration options

Stay on target during your migration

First, start with a realistic timeline defined by an experienced team in a thorough process. Next, stay on track during your migration. Our pre-existing, dedicated migration software and processes ensure that you will be able to keep cost & timeline in check as new requirements & challenges are discovered throughout the migration.

Minimize disruptions

Keep your internal resources on task throughout the migration. We minimize the disruptions to your team by streamlining user-intensive data quality improvement tasks such as resolving duplicates, identifying, locating, and fixing broken references, and standardizing CAD data. We also clearly identify who and when your resources will be needed throughout the migration

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Faster, better migrations

Our software can automate transformations typically considered too complex for automation resulting high-quality data. It has been designed to minimize the configuration time and trouble-shooting process during testing rehearsals. It has been optimized and stabilized to work with large datasets. Our ability to re-use migration rules and input parameters significantly accelerates the configuration process while refining our processes, tactics, and technology. Our predefined processes reduce time and uncertainty planning migrations

Minimize risks

In many migrations, custom software development is needed, but very risky to the timeline, cost, and quality of the project. Our abstracted functionality stabilizes the solution and prevents significantly development delays by minimizing the amount of new coding required. Our software qualification standards ensure that the delivered solution will be configurable, intuitive, generate actionable user-feedback, and minimize unneeded processing.

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