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Data Quality & Usability Improvements


We emphasize data quality in every solution we provide. Data quality drives user adoption, improves workflow automation, reduces IT support, and reduces downstream errors. As data standards change, new business units are added, and new integrations are needed, the quality of data in your system can degrade. Vendor supplied migration utilities used for version/ system upgrades also create low quality data. Once your data quality degrades, engineering costs can rise, and detractors can start pressing for expensive, large scale infrastructure upgrades.


Instead of making significant infrastructure changes, use our tools to standardize, clean, and enrich your existing PDM/PLM data. Our software has the configurability to perform almost any bulk data transformation and upgrade project. We can extract, analyze, repair, transform, enrich, load, and reconfigure your data in your existing PDM/PLM system.


Once data is configured to work correctly in the PDM/PLM system, its users can begin to deliver higher quality products faster and for less cost.



PDM / PLM System Extractors
Database Extractors
ERP / External Data Source
CAD File Extractors
CAD Healing Utilities
Data Transformation Engine
PDM / PLM System Loaders


Extract, transform, and load data from the same source


  • Extract metadata and relationships out of your data already in your production PDM / PLM system

  • Analyze, Clean, and Standardize your data in our Data Transformation Engine

  • Standardize and update revisions & lifecycle statuses

  • Bulk update file names and folder / project locations

  • Bulk update Part Numbers, Descriptions, and other metadata


Enrich your data from external sources such as ERP


  • Quickly update your data from other BI systems such as ERP

  • Select which data is updated

  • Apply logic to the update process via our Rules Engine

  • Repair / sync Revisions & Descriptions


Compare and repair your BOMs & ECOs


  • Compare BOMs

  • Automatically create missing Items  

  • Automatically populate Item metadata

  • Add Attachments to your Items

  • Intelligently repair or sync Qty and Unit of Measure attributes

  • Configure and update Change Management Objects


Improve your CAD-PDM integration


  • Identify, Manage, and Repair missing references. 

  • Standardize your CAD metadata in your CAD files prior to import (create, delete, rename, combine). 

  • Update your CAD Drawing Sheet templates to your latest standard. 

  • Repair broken title blocks / attribute mappings.



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