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Data Quality

data quality

It is critical to us that your data is useable and actionable after your migration has been completed. Instead of focusing primarily on data location (i.e. move data from system A to B); we focus on data quality - at every opportunity. This requires experience, planning, and processes coupled with software that has been strategically designed to improve quality..

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Powerful Rules-Engine

Our rules engine approach enables us to perform true data transformation; we go beyond the simple data mapping solutions found in most migration solutions. This maximizes our ability to configure and clean our customer’s data and enables us re-use our software for different needs, companies, and processes. This reduces the cost of our software and improves our solution quality

Reusable projects, rules, and attributes

Our software solutions have built in export / import functionality for re-using information from previous data migrations. This means that recommended best practices and complex transformations can be re-used instead of re-compiled. This saves significant time during our projects and results in the propagation of higher quality solutions.

Data analytics

Our migration platform is designed to collect and combine information from multiple sources for every CAD Document, Non-CAD Document, BOM, and Change Object. Once this information is in our system, we can extract actionable information and report on it. This information is often the basis for many critical decisions that drive the design of the migration.

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Data healing

Our data healing software is designed to correct information (referential integrity, properties, sheet templates, and drawing title blocks) within your CAD documents so that they will work better in you CAD and PDM / PLM systems

Data enrichment

We have built in powerful data sync capabilities to our software. This feature enables us to enrich your data with information from ERP and similar Business Intelligence systems. It also enables us to bulk load significant data improvements from any other source the customer may have. This provides a portal to our database for exporting and loading data that enables us to quickly improve your data from a variety of resources, including your engineering team & ERP system.

Duplicate Resolution

We have multiple strategies for resolving duplicates. We automitically identify your duplicate sets. We have sorting algorithms to help automate the process of analyzing and selecting your "Latest Version" duplicates. Once selected, we can automatically replace references to you old duplicates and validate that the reference has been properly replaced (check for regeneration errors). We have 100% automated solutions for managing your duplicates in your new system that are low-risk and low-cost. Our automated solution will enable your engineering team to know when they are editing a duplicate and how to locate & resolve its siblings.

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Duplicate Resolution
Data Healing

Better Enterprise Data

Once a company realizes that there is valuable metadata stored within their business systems, they immediately face the challenge of processing the data so that it can become actionable. This "enterprise evolution" is commonly accompanied by infrastructure improvements to their Business Intelligence / PDM / PLM systems and processes. We enable our customers to improve their data quality during their data migration. This results in the creation of Enterprise Data. Enterprise Data is well defined, easier to integrate and access, and improve communication with internal and external applications.

Reduced support

Reduced IT / Admin / Vendor / Service Provider support. Having a PDM / PLM system with data that is properly configured to work in that system significantly reduces the need for user support. Simply put: Better data works better in your system. We have had zero post-production support cases following our migrations. IT and your CAD Reseller have less support cases as well; data accessibility and usability issues have been minimized.

Improved searchability

We ensure your metadata (AKA attributes, parameters, etc.) are complete, clean, and accurate. This significantly improves user-searches resulting in quicker user adoption of the PDM / PLM system.

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ERP Integration

We can sync ERP data into PDM / PLM and make bulk data improvements that will prepare your data for a future or existing ERP integration, especially for legacy data. This enables better handshaking between your PDM / PLM system and your ERP system, avoids downstream errors, and simplifies your integration

Standardized workflows and processes

We can standardize your attribute names, values, and drawing formats. This results in significantly simplified workflows and, in many cases, eliminates the need for duplicated (or redundant?) workflows and processes for legacy data. This result is highly sought-after when migrating multiple business units into the same vault.

Improved CAD Integration

Our CAD healing software improves your CAD integration with your PDM / PLM system. Improved CAD integration reduces time spent opening CAD Documents and eliminates the potential for two engineers to maintain two CAD documents of the same geometry (duplicates). It also enables workflow automation, ensures accurate Revision information is propagated to manufacturing and suppliers, and prevents confusion from out-of-sync data.

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Improved Searchability
Reduced IT Support
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