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Data Migration Team


Our Data Migration Program and Platform require a highly-skilled, focused team to operate smoothly. Over time we have learned how to configure our migration team to make the most impact throughout your project.


Migration Architect

Guides Phase 1 of the Data Migration Program. Collects requirements, reviews recommended best practices, designs migration strategies, designs migration scripts, and constructs the Phase 2 migration roadmap. 10+ years of experience with CAD, PDM, PLM, migrations, business requirements gathering, consulting, and software development. Reviews and co-designs the Data Migration Platform software component development.

Migration Manager

Transitions the migration project from the Migration Architect from Phase 1 to Phase 2. Initiates the Kick-Off meeting, guides the migration project to completion. Coordinates the rehearsals, ensures that they are optimized and stabilized. Designs the final migration script and cutover strategy. Manages migration tasks, coordinates training with the implementation team, identifies and mitigates risks. 10+ years of experience with CAD, PDM, PLM, software development, project management, quality assurance, migrations, and customer interactions.

Migration Engineer

Configures the migration software. Performs rehearsals and cutover migration. Collects data metrics, trouble-shoots migration, solves problems. Validates data with customer. Typically 2+ years of experience with CAD, PDM, or PLM.

System Subject Matter Expert

Assist with complex technical tasks. 10+ years of experience with one system, typically as an end-user, admin, or software developer. Assists with software development design and acceptance testing.

Migration Software Developer

Develops Data Migration Platform software (product development), custom extractors (project / custom development), PDM / PLM / CAD customizations. Experienced with databases, API's, data migrations, PDM, PLM, or CAD. 

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