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Migrate PDM/PLM Systems


Migrating PDM and PLM systems can be a daunting barrier to any infrastructure upgrade, especially if you leverage PLM processes. How will you manage the CAD relationships? Version history? What are the unforeseen risks and challenges? Do you have the expertise in both the source and target systems? Having an experienced migration partner with the right processes and software tools is essential for a successful migration.


We offer a complete migration solution designed to meet your budgetary and timing constraints. Our Migration Team identifies your scope and requirements in phase 1 of our Data Migration Program. In phase 2, we use our Data Migration Software to extract, transform, heal and load your data. Our component architecture is platform / OS independent and is designed to work with any system. We also provide CAD Migrations, customizations, and ERP integrations.



PDM / PLM System Extractors
Database Extractors
Data Transformation Engine
PDM / PLM System Loaders


Migrate PDM data, configure for PLM processes


  • Migrate CAD Files, Non-CAD Files, BOMs, Items, Attachments, ECOs, and product structure

  • Configure your system with PLM data

  • Incorporate data from external Business Intelligence systems to create a more complete PLM implementation.


Perform a complete migration


  • Extract every byte of data from multiple sources: database, PDM system, and CAD

  • Analyze, transform, heal, enrich, standardize, map, load, and configure your engineering data

  • Mitigate risks as they arise using software designed for the challenges facing a CAD/PDM/PLM migration

  • Identify and resolve data integrity issues 


Integrate your legacy CAD data in your new system


  • Heal your CAD files during the migration to address known integration issues

  • Cleanup, standardize, change, and configure legacy data to work with new business processes

  • Pre-identify and resolve duplicates between the source and target.


Selectively migrate your version history


  • Leverage multiple version history strategies

  • Perform full, selective, and latest version migrations

  • Store and  access your un-imported data / versions in our Legacy Data Manager


Archive data in our Legacy Data Manager


  • Safely archive your data outside of your source and target system

  • Search your Metadata, Files, BOMS, and ECOs to find your data

  • Retrieve and open any version of your documents

  • Leverage "Where-Used" and "Contains" to find referenced documents



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