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Return On Investment

We are a data management solution provider that helps manufacturing companies create higher quality products, go to market faster, and reduce their operational overhead by creating more useable data. After years of performing migrations, we have learned that data quality is the critical ingredient for our customers to fully maximize their investment in their PDM / PLM system. A high quality data migration has both short-term and long-term benefits. 

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Short Term Benefits

Automatic Migrations

Once your dataset size exceeds about a thousand objects, the cost, time, and quality of a manual migration should become a concern. Our standard for a successful file system migration is: all data vaulted + duplicates resolved + resolved references + searchable metadata + correctly configured lifecycle statuses & revisions. To achieve this same result manually may not be possible or require a significant amount of processing. One strategy is to import the data as quickly as possible, then post process the data on an as-needed basis. The problem is every time you need data, your most expensive resources (engineers) will be post processing. This results in a very costly “free” migration, delays on projects, unusable change processes, and poor user-adoption. Another approach is to manually configure the data during the load or create custom utilities to configure the software. Both solutions will quickly result in cost overruns. Manually configuring the data assumes that your low-cost resource understands how to configure the data at all. Custom solutions quickly spiral out of control. Our automated migration approach avoids all of this with an immediate cost savings

Get the job done

Some migrations fail. They simply didn’t have the right team, processes, or software to get the job done. In some cases, the migration solution partner didn’t realize that the migration scope was too costly. Sometimes the project is too poorly managed. In other cases, the software was too limited in functionality or configurability. Getting your data correctly vaulted is the first metric you will measure us by in the short term. We have the team, processes, and software to ensure your migration success

Stop using your old document management system

Whether you are using the File System or a Legacy PDM / PLM system, the benefit is the same. The old system has limitations or cost associated with it that are driving you to upgrade. The faster you migration is completed, the sooner you will start saving the cost of the old system. For legacy PDM / PLM systems this can immediately translate to reduced subscriptions, maintenance fees, and savings on out-dated or unnecessary hardware. For Legacy data stored on the Windows File System, the savings is in the improvement to engineering effieciency. Version control, seachability, and data re-use are immediate time savers.

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Long Term Benefits

Higher quality products

Metadata (revision, qty, unit of measure, etc.) propagation errors can lead to costly supplier and manufacturing miscommunication errors that are caught manually, caught late, or not caught at all. Feedback loops may or may not exist to handle this situation resulting in data quality issues. We focus on creating more complete metadata, better BOMs, more accurate drawing title blocks, correct revisions & lifecycle status, and improving referential data integrity throughout your migration. This will result in higher quality products and better manufacturability

Go to market faster

Higher quality data, especially legacy data, enables workflow automation. ERP enrichment improves system interoperability for better forecasting. A surprising increase can be found in faster ECO processing. With our migrations, you will have properly configured data in your new system immediately following cutover

Reduced operational overhead

Properly migrated, high quality data eliminates excessive post-processing by engineering and reduces IT support costs. When your data works well in your system, user adoption is greatly accelerated. Your engineers will spend more time building models than rebuilding models with broken references. They will be able to find their models quicker with better metadata searchability. They will avoid accidentally modifying the wrong duplicate design. Your IT / Admins will spend less time supporting workflows and processes broken by missing or inaccurate data

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