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David Cramer


Director, Business Development

Masters of Science, Mechanical Eng.- WSU

"Rishi and I had a vision of creating a solution-oriented company dedicated to solving real-world problems. We have achieved a better understanding of our customer's and partner's needs; this understanding has guided us to be more focused on enabling our delivery team than ever before. We continue to absorb and develop new talent and technologies. We strive to create a family-oriented company that solves challenging problems in a fun atmosphere. "

Hrishikesh (Rishi) Joshi


Director, Professional Services

Masters of Science, Mechanical Eng.- WSU

Bachelors in Mech. Eng. Pune- India

"A causal discussion between David and me lead us to- 'Explore. Dream. Discover.' We realized that logic is limiting, but unconventional ideas can change things. Levitek became a mandatory journey to take for us. Our combined passion, strengths, and skills have grown immensely since. Levitek is a performance-driven organization that puts work ethic at the forefront, and Levitekies are the go-getters. Diversity, Efficiency, and Transparency set Levitek apart. 

Frank Taylor

Principal Consultant

Master of Science, Mechanical Eng.- WSU

"Joining Levitek has been a fantastic journey with respected colleagues who really have a clear vision of how industry needs can be met using our specialized skill sets. We are constantly growing both in terms of what we offer and whom we serve. Our priorities align with our values - delivering quality solutions that meet our customers' needs in a timely manner. A key element in delivering quality products is maintaining high standards for how we treat our customers and our team members. It requires a careful combination of high expectations and the willingness to learn from our mistakes. Aggressively taking on new challenges, optimism that the right solution will be delivered, and the tempering force of pragmatism shape our outcomes. 

Charles DeChenne

Software Architect

Master of Science, Mechanical Eng.- WSU

"David and Rishi form a unique team. Together, they can make well-rounded decisions for the company and their clients. The Levitek team is an amazing group of highly talented individuals, and everyone is sensible, thoughtful, and respectful. Everyone's strength creates a composite team that can accomplish just about anything in their field that is placed in front of them. The amount of data that Levitek processes in such a short time frame have challenged me to learn new technologies in many different areas. Contributing to Levitek's growth gives me a great sense of accomplishment that I have helped to create something useful."


Rupali Joshi

Principal, Business Operations Strategist

Executive MBA - WSU

Bachelor of Architecture,

Sir J. J. College of Architecture, India

"Since its inception in Oct 2015, 'Levitekies' have been tested extensively while achieving milestones, delivering projects, and launching initiatives—the progress so far results from the commitment, vigor, and passion we share as a team. Professional ethics and personal values shared across the company form the bedrock of Levitek's culture. Levitek has provided me with an opportunity to apply my skills and build an exciting new career that allows me to explore newer skill sets. I love my work, but nothing satisfies me more than being a mother and raising a family. I also enjoy participating in community service and believe in personal growth through exploration of various avenues, as an individual or with friends and family."


Erin Fink

Principal Consultant

B.A., BFA, University of Utah

"Working for Levitek has been a great adventure. We have a tight-knit team that spans the globe and makes the impossible a reality. We also take the time to reanalyze and develop critical IP after each project we complete in terms of knowledge and software development to pay those advancements forward towards future projects and successes. So we strive to not only make the impossible possible but also make it repeatable."


Anil Kumar Dometi

Principal PDM Consultant

Regional Head - Pune, India

Master of Science, Process Engineering

University of Stuttgart - Germany

"Transparency amongst the team, search for an innovative solution, freedom to think and share ideas makes Levitek a unique place to work. Being part of such a focused and talented team provides me with a chance to explore new opportunities and take on more responsibilities. It enables me to start my workday with enthusiasm and gives me immense work satisfaction when projects are delivered with perfection. I strive to maintain integrity at work, and I'm committed to constantly improving my skills."


Brandon Ackerman

Sr. PDM Consultant

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering

Brigham Young University.

"When I started with Levitek in June of 2016, the company was new (though David and Rishi had been doing data migrations for years before they started Levitek). It has steadily grown since then, and so has our team. We are encouraged to solve problems in creative ways and to help our customers feel their concerns matter to us. Levitek employees are also encouraged to maintain a healthy work-life balance, which is one of the reasons I was interested in working here."


Bharat Chavanke

Sr. PLM Consultant

Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical Eng. 

Pune University - India

"I joined Levitek in early 2019, and since I am enjoying the work environment. The management is very supportive and friendly. Leadership is best and a driving force. I like to focus on my projects and deliver positive results while exploring new ways to find effective solutions."


Arindam Bhowmik

Sr. PDM Consultant

B. Tech Mechanical Eng.- India

“Being a part of Levitek is a great privilege for me. Everyone here at Levitek is very passionate about their work, and being a part of this team, I believe that this is the right place for boundless professional growth. The best part of being a Levitekie is that I always learn something new and have received enormous encouragement and support from my highly skilled team while delivering projects and performing complex tasks. I am cherishing this phase of my career as I have gained much knowledge in a short period, and my work experience here has been very satisfying. I am grateful to Levitek for laying an outstanding career path ahead of me enriched with knowledge and skillful learning.”


Christopher Perry

PDM Consultant

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Eng. - WSU

“Levitek is a fantastic workplace that promotes professional growth and continued education. There are always opportunities to learn a new skill or challenge my problem-solving abilities. I appreciate the friendly and supportive nature of the entire team. Outside of work, I enjoy playing guitar, hiking, and working on miscellaneous projects on my car or around the house.”  


John Favaro


April 2018 to April 2019

"My internship at Levitek has proven to be one of the most challenging and rewarding accomplishments that I have faced in my young career. Working with the close-knit team both in-person as well as virtually has expanded my professional communication and other soft skills exponentially. My technical knowledge, problem-solving, debugging, and analytical skills have significantly grown with the help of everyone here at Levitek. Not many employees, especially interns, have the opportunity to work directly with the founders of a company, and I feel like I learned an incredible amount from each and every one of you. Even though the work at times was difficult, I never felt like I was alone in it and knew I could turn to anyone in the company for help, which is a great feeling. From day one, everyone here at Levitek made me feel like I was a part of the team, and that gave me a great deal of confidence, assurance, and stability. With that said, I will always be grateful for this opportunity and will take with me all the knowledge and practices I have gained over this past year. I would recommend an internship at Levitek to anyone even remotely interested in the work we do here."

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