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System Integrations

As engineering business processes become more complex and time-consuming, the ability to apply business logic and automate repetitive manual tasks becomes essential, driving integrations between CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP, and MRP systems.

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System Integration Program

We have developed a 2-phase System Integration Program (SIP) designed to ensure that the best integration solution is selected, your project is well planned and successfully executed. It is common for our migration customers to bundle system integration planning with their migration planning for a complete solution roadmap. In phase 1 we learn your business processes, analyze your integration options, and present an integration road-map. In phase 2, we implement your integration.



Since we are system agnostic, we can provide unbiased advice and have access to numerous third-party integrations. In situations where an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t exist or cannot perform the tasks required, we build custom integrations. This combined approach enables us to support a broad spectrum of CAD, PDM, PLM, ERP, and MRP systems.


Business Processes

Release processes (BOM sync / updates)

Change management (ECN / ECO / ERDO sync / updates)


Base Systems

SolidWorks PDM Professional (formally Enterprise PDM)



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